1. Store details: MOBILE INVEST SPACE LTD. 160 City Road, EC1V 2NX London.
  2. The store offers a PREMIUM account creation service for: downloading programs, games for Android and iOS devices from file hosting, file search, file sharing, hosting for your files with a space of 5TB.
  3. There are other users’ programs on the hosting and the store does not guarantee the operation of the software (running the application on the device).
  4. You can download programs and games for free from appster.space with limited download speed (2kb / s) or purchase a premium account to download at full speed (1gb / s) via glovobot.com or store.appster.space.
  5. According to the regulations, the product is digital – the service is provided at the time of sending you access data for a premium account on file hosting.
  6. The access data for the appster.space account is sent daily around 23:00 directly to your e-mail address.
  7. Together with the access data, you get access to the login instructions, which you can download from the store’s website many times.
  8. The data for the account in the online store is a separate system than the data for the account in the hosting of files. After receiving the access data for file hosting, you need to change the login, password, email in the file hosting. Resetting your store password does not reset your file hosting password. Understand this.
  9. Reselling of accounts is prohibited. Written consent is required.
  10. You are purchasing digital data in the form of a file hosting access service – no refund is possible.
  11. We are not responsible for the operation of the application on your phone downloaded from file hosting and shared by third parties and anyone.
  12. We are not responsible for non-working applications on your device – applications require the installation of untrusted applications and increased permissions to use your phone, some anti-virus programs may detect the application as dangerous.
  13. We are not responsible for damage to the device. Anti-virus software is installed on our servers, we scan files every day, we make every effort to ensure that the files do not contain viruses.
  14. Help and technical support from Monday to Friday, 8: 00-12: 00 (GMT +1): e-mail.
  15. The online store accepts payments via Stripe.com (payment cards, ideal, giropay and transfer24), Cronotoxia (trustly, skrill).
  16. The order is processed after the funds are credited to the bank account. For Stripe up to 7 business days.
  17. Gross prices are given in the store.
  18. Providing false data is incorrect and will block the service without the right to a refund. We require correct personal data.
  19. If you try to cheat our service, you will have to pay a penalty of 1000 times the value of the contract. If you do not pay within 7 days, we will refer the case to private debt collection, which charges a fee of €1000 for operations throughout Europe.
  20. The Service Provider may change the content of these Regulations without the obligation to inform the user in the case of: protection of property rights, protection of property, protection of security, protection of image. In other cases, it is obliged to notify the user about planned changes.